Multi Surf lesson Packages Deals

Go surfing DR School and our team of passionate surf instructors have created Surf Lessons Packages with you in mind. Our goal is to teach you beyond the basics of surfing with the proper knowledge and building your confidence so you can feel more comfortable catching waves on your own.

We will be coaching you throughout your lessons on proper paddle in-outs, surf etiquette, take off position, riding the waves, controlling the board and more.

You will develop a solid foundation to catch waves on your own and make surfing a constant sport in your life. We guarantee you will be able to see surfing results after your first lesson.

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Intro Package = 3 Lessons
This includes three private surfing lessons where you will receive a rapid introduction to the basics. You will learn elementary skills such as paddling and pop-up, maintaining balance on the surf board and important safety techniques.

  • One Person = $150

  • Two People = $270

  • Three People = $360

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Star Package: 5 lessons
This includes five private surf lessons plus more time to develop intermediate surfing skills. You will learn proper etiquette, how to ride the glassy part of a wave, turning techniques and additional fundamental surfing tools. You will experience the surfing lifestyle and gain an understanding of surfing philosophy.

  • One Person = $225

  • Two People = $400

  • Three People = $525

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Vip Package: 7 lessons
This includes seven private surfing lessons and pro-insider surf information on advanced techniques such as paddling, catching waves smoothly, turning, timing and popping up. We can also arrange more exclusive trips to intermediate locations. Master the experience of surfing, and lay the ground work for yourself to catch waves for the rest of your life!

  • One Person = $280

  • Two People = $490

  • Three People = $630

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